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Sudden Painful Loss

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I just lost my wonderful horse who has been in the family for over 22 years, suddenly and very unexpected. Yes, he was old and he was glorious, almost in his prime. So his sudden death left me in disbelief.

While in my heart was able to accept the fact that every life comes to an end, there were 2 incidents that were traumatising to me. One of them seeing all the empty buckets, rugs and other gear that belonged to him and having to deal with them.

Karen did a TraumaClear session with me to help me getting out of that trauma and being able to deal with these things. She mentioned that we are erasing memories that are traumatising. When I left the session, I friend called me and asked me how I were and what we had done. I told her that we cleared 2 traumatic memories and to my surprise I was not even able to recall one of them, no matter how hard I tried.

Thank you Karen, this was swift, easy and very effective. Very recommendable!

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