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Battling tremendous amount of stress and anxiety

I came to Karen emotionally exhausted after battling tremendous amount of stress and anxiety at work and at home, also dealing with grief after losing a parent unexpectedly overnight 2 years earlier. I had also lost another two close family members to cancer within 12 months of losing my dad. 
I felt that I was running in a hamster-wheel spinning faster and faster, with no solution on how to get out, nor slow it down.  I had the last 6 moths started to have severe issues with controlling emotions, with my partner majority of the time being on the receiving end. Also dealing with anxiety on a daily basis in a high paced, high performing, competitive work environment. 
I am so happy that I reached out to Karen after looking for a psychologist with alternative methods, and was interested in hypnotherapy to deal with the underlying issues causing my state at the time. Karen is highly professional, and I felt welcome and cared for from the start.
One thing I did love about the process, is that I wasn't required to tell her everything. I had seen another psychologist a few years earlier, where she wanted me to tell her my full life story in detail. Instead, Karen focuses on the key parts of the puzzle, and treat them accordingly. Together we created a plan, involving only a few sessions, and how we would get there including weekly metings and homework for me to focus on between the appointments. 
I met with Karen 4 times, and saw results already after the first session. Today I am back on track feeling like myself again. Like an elephant has been lifted off my shoulders and with a positive look on the future and what it brings. I have learnt what I need to focus on for a balanced mindset, and what I need to work on in my lifestyle to minimise stress. 
Based on my experience I would highly recommend Karen to anyone dealing with anxiety and trauma. I can not believe what she helped me accomplish in only a few sessions and has given me a new look at life. Also knowing my partner is equally grateful. 
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