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My struggles with anxiety


I approached Karen at Strategies 4 life due to my struggle with anxiety. I have had anxiety for a couple of years and I noticed I started to stop enjoying things. I would even avoid doing certain things in fear of having an anxiety attack. I had heard good things about Karen through a friend and knew I needed to give her a go.
Karen helped me by showing me different techniques to help with my anxiety and also used hypnosis. After a few sessions with Karen I saw a huge difference. I was doing things I didn’t want to do before. I was so much more relaxed. 

One thing I liked was the hypnosis. It left me feeling so relaxed and calm.

I found the experience so rewarding and Karen is so welcoming. I no longer need to attend Karen’s sessions but I felt so good after the hypnosis I will be back for a top up.

I would highly recommend Karen to people who need help with not only anxiety but anything you are struggling with. Thanks for all your help Karen.

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