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Strategies 4 Life

providing solutions to mental health challenges
for individuals and in corporate environments







Strategies 4 Life

providing solutions to mental health challenges
for individuals and in corporate environments



Healing Anxiety, Managing Stress and Regaining Control

At Strategies 4 Life we are committed to supporting change in individuals and groups through sessions and workshops.

Since 2011 Karen Easter has been assisting individual clients to achieve living more productive and rewarding lives.  In the last few years, we have developed workshops for business to provide skills which support mental health and create beneficial change. Providing both individual sessions and group options, clients and participants are given skills and knowledge to become confident in their ability to achieve living a life that they feel more comfortable and rewarded in.  

Many clients who did not find success in traditional talk therapy, found relief with the combination of processes used at Strategies 4 Life.

Group options focus on achieving mental wellness.  Workplaces can benefit from opportunities for increased productivity and better working relationships and more confidence in their staff. By reducing conflict and increasing better communication styles individuals can confidently enjoy being part of a cohesive team. Workshops are developed with existing workplace challenges as a focus.

Karen Easter specialises in relief from the feelings of anxiety, managing stress, and improving relationships. The results have been very positive, reflected in the many testimonials and the ongoing referral-based clients. Workshops provide easy to apply strategies to effect change.

About Karen Easter

Karen Easter

Using a combination of effective techniques to help people regain confidence, motivation and happiness. Clearing trauma in minutes, eliminating anxiety and regaining control over your life in a compassionate environment. Fast and effective.

Passionate to assist people to stop suffering, I have dedicated my studies to investigating and learning effective and accelerated therapies to change ineffective patterns of thinking and actions.

By combining my academic studies in psychology, sociology and nutrition with psychotherapy, NLP, hypnosis and counselling, I have developed methods that assist people to change on a fundamental level. 

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